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"I've had back problems since an accident 10 year ago when I was 20, and my profession is very physically demanding. I was constantly having back spasms that brought me to the ground. Grant has completely eliminated my back spasms after working together for a few months. I have seen other chiropractors and acupuncturists for much longer with little to no results. His approach to my issues was different to other chiropractors that I paid way more for but got little help from. Not only did his adjustments give me immediate relief, but he gave me ways and practices to help develop muscle and mental practices to stay in line / work towards permanently remedying my issues. Unlike my previous chiropractors who insisted on seeing me every week indefinitely, Grant's goal was to adjust me and teach me best practices so I felt good and we could do less frequent sessions. That might be bad business practice for someone in it for the money, but it proved to me that Grant is in it to make you better. 10 out of 5 stars!"   - Kevin

"I have been to a lot of different chiropractors in my life and Grant is by far the best I have ever had. Most chiropractors will do their normal adjustments on you which take less that 5 min. Grant spends whatever time is necessary to get you perfectly aligned sometimes that might take 30 to 40 min. I have my entire family going to him and will recommend him to anyone else that asks."  - John

"My daughters and I love Dr. Grant! Dr. Grant has worked extremely well with both of my daughters, 8 and 4, to find ways to make their adjustments as comfortable for them as possible. Dr. Grant has also helped me tremendously with back, shoulder, and hip pain. His knowledge about fascia, muscles and the body has given me my body back so I can keep up with and enjoy my kids and our crazy adventures. I would highly recommended Dr. Grant." - Becky

"Grant is amazing! In March, I started having really bad neck pain and he was able to alleviate my pain. I’ve been seeing him every couple of months to get adjusted. He’s very professional, covid safe, and I will continue to visit his office. 10/10 recommend!"

 - Natalia

"Tired of the physical pain you've been living with for so long? Look no further, because Dr. Grant Smith is the chiropractor that will adjust all your problem areas! His knowledge set is extensive, he is constantly up to date on current medicine, he listens intently, and treats every patient as if they are family. This is the guy to see!" - Sarah

"Dr. Smith is the best! I've been seeing him for over a year. He takes time to make sure you are feeling good after an adjustment and educates you in the process. I had an issue where another chiropractor caused a pinched nerve in my back and Dr. Smith was able to put me back together. After that I refuse to go to anyone else. I have never walked away in more pain or feeling like my issues weren't resolved. He truly goes above and beyond and cares about your body mechanics and helps you understand them as well."  - Danielle

"Dr. Grant Smith DC is a fabulous chiropractor. I started seeing him during the COVID pandemic after my local chiropractor shut down and I had an emergency issue with my neck. He has helped me tremendously, takes the time to address everything your body needs (sometimes 30-40 minutes!) while at the office and educates you in the process. I highly recommend him!" -  Sarah

"Dr. Smith is a phenomenal chiropractor. He spends quality time adjusting me from head to toe. He keeps great records and tracks my progress. If you’re looking to feel better and get aligned well, Grant Smith is your man!" - Matt

"After years of adjustments from other docs, I'm finally getting much needed relief! Grant is hands down THE BEST spine guy I know! I'd give him 10 stars if I could."  - Melissa

"I work with Dr. Grant Smith and he has me feeling better than I have in months, maybe years, following a series of serious injuries and surgeries. He is extremely knowledgeable, and answers all questions or concerns throughly. He adjusted my shoulder that had been bugging me forever, and it provided immediate and long lasting relief. He also worked on multiple body parts during the same session, and was very efficient with our time. On top of all of that, he is one of the friendliest doctors I have ever worked with, and makes you feel extremely comfortable, and listened to, in his care. So do your body a favor and schedule an appointment with Dr. Smith! You will thank yourself later because he’s as effective as they come. Thanks, Doc!"   - Matt

"Dr. Grant is absolutely amazing. He truly cares about the individual he is taking care of whether in person or after the appointment, he always makes sure to check in. In my experience he has taken time out of his day to do extra research to make sure I am at 110%. After receiving care from Dr. Grant, I refuse to seek anybody else if I can get treatment from the best! He is very respectable and personable." - Gia l.

"I have been to numerous chiropractors over the years. Grant is the only one I have followed to a new location. In addition to being overweight, old and diabetic, in my youth I have a history of "minor" injuries from rugby and demolition derby. Grant does not only deal with the immediate issues, he is also correcting the ancient issues that I have just accepted as the way things are. They do not have to be. It is gonna take a while to undue 40+ years of accepting the little annoyances. Grant is the first Chiro I have been to that looks beyond "Let me fix that" and scooting you out the door. Bottom line he cares and it shows."  - Kathy

"I have gone to several walk-in chiropractic clinics in the past and found that they mostly try to treat you quickly and sell you a multiple visit package. I typically have a busy schedule and was recommended to try Colorado Concierge Chiropractic. I have had several chiropractic sessions with Dr. Smith, where he came to my home based on my availability. His treatments not only relieved several pain points, including my chronically sore shoulder, but they were also extremely informative on how I can improve my workouts and reduce chances for injury. I would recommend Colorado Concierge Chiropractic to anyone who has a busy schedule and is serious about getting treatment and treatment plans to improve your quality of life. I will absolutely be scheduling more appointments with Dr. Smith." - Jon

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