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Our Mission

Our mission at Colorado Concierge Chiropractic is simple: treat the patient as few times as possible and then never see them again! Not because we don't love our patients or our work, but to us what that plan of action means is that we are able to get the patient out of pain and back to living the quality of life that you want. We strive to empower patients with knowledge and awareness of how your body is moving and how to improve! 

Dr. Smith doesn't believe in cookie cutter treatment plans, but rather customizes the treatment plan based on the individual needs of the patient. Expect to leave with information of what your dysfunctional movement patterns are and how you can work to improve them outside of the office.

Meet the doc


Dr. Grant Smith

Chiropractor, DC

Dr. Grant Smith focuses on sports chiropractic as well as restoring postural alignment and faulty movement patterns. During his time studying at Parker University, he focused on athletes from many different sports backgrounds, and was a founding member of the Parker Sports Performance Program. He also served as the President of the Parker Sports Performance Club, where he educated students how to identify dysfunctional movement and how to apply that knowledge to a variety of sports.  


  • Parker University, 2018

  • University of Colorado Boulder, 2011


Dr. Smith is currently certified in Gravitational Pattern Alignment and Titleist Performance Institute (Level 1, Power 2, Medical 2, Fitness 2). 

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